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Johnny: So, you know how I’ve been trying to get a date with that new nurse? She said yes! I’ve got it made, Roy. My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.
Roy: Look out, future, here comes a cloud.
Johnny: ….

Filed under Emergency! Hey Johnny that's life Roy is trying to prepare you for those harsh realities out there don't look so crestfallen besides they one you should be giving your affections to is sitting right next to you HELLO Johnny Gage Roy DeSoto OTP365 Randolph Mantooth Kevin Tighe

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Johnny: Wait…You don’t have any coffee. I must have taken your cup.
Roy: Well, you always do…but thanks for noticing this time.
Johnny: Hey, I got a solution to our problem! We can share!
Roy: Well, that’s really big of you, Johnny, but when you say “share”, you usually mean a sixty-forty split in your favour.

Filed under Emergency! Roy won't tell Johnny that he's lost five pounds since stating to work with him because he knows that Johnny would keep stealing his food regardless it's a neverending struggle until Roy just gives up and starts making more food than he needs which is a problem when Johnny is not there/on vacation/in the hospital because he ends up making more food than is necessary and he can't always go sneak it over to Johnny but it works like that when Johnny's in the hospital because Roy spends a lot of time in that hospital you know and he's friends with the nurses so they'll occasionally let him sneak food to Johnny except nurse ratchett but nobody likes her anyway not even Dixie Dixie tolerates her but in the end she'd rather not spend any more time with her than is absolutely necessary Johnny Gage Roy DeSoto Randolph Mantooth Kevin Tighe

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Dispatch, this is HT-51. Can somebody please remind the quartermaster that firefighters fight fires for a living, and as such, have a significant need for flame-retardant pants? Thank you very much.

Filed under Emergency! Sassy Cap I missed you so Sassy cap is my favourite cap can't get enough sassy cap Cap sass is good for the soul I have too many Sassy cap tags oh well Deal with it Captain Hank Stanley Hank Stanley Michael Norell he has a point there also he is tired of Chet chanting 'LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE' every time something like this happens

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I know you…you’re the one who stole the last doughnut in the coffee room…I’m not speaking to you.

I know you…you’re the one who stole the last doughnut in the coffee room…I’m not speaking to you.

Filed under Emergency! for Johnny doughnuts are serious business don't touch his doughnut or he'll either fight you for it or hold a grudge against you for 68 years Johnny Gage Randolph Mantooth Cap's gotten into the habit of buying Johnny his own box of doughnuts when he gets them for the station otherwise there are some serious territory wars and Cap does not want to do all the paperwork after those

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Roy: [Maybe I’m being too cynical. Maybe I won’t be the only sane guy forever. Maybe there’s some hope for the guys at this station.]
Chet: You know something? Maybe I should take up yodelling.
Roy: [Then again, maybe I’m right.]

Filed under Emergency! poor Roy Chet please do not take up yodelling you are annoying enough when you're doing absolutely nothing don't distress Roy Mike and the Cap more than they already are Look at Roy's face that is not someone who needs to hear you caterwauling like you think you're Pavarotti when you in fact sound like a dying cat on autotune please Chet think of your shiftmates' sanity (this didn't happen in the show but I had a dream that it did and since Roy sang in high school he was like NOPE.) Roy DeSoto Kevin Tighe Chet Kelly Tim Donnelly

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Either something on your person is tapping out “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, or you have the strangest arrhythmia I have ever heard.

Either something on your person is tapping out “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, or you have the strangest arrhythmia I have ever heard.

Filed under Emergency! LOL what a dork look at that face of course I probably look like that while I'm taking blood pressures too so I might have no room to talk... ah well takes a dork to know a dork you know what they say... Johnny Gage Randolph Mantooth I don't know what would you call this? stethoscopeface paramedic problems paramedic EMT nurses may also have this problem?

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Anonymous asked: i need some emergency treatment from dr. brackett stat!

Dr Brackett wants to know if you’re feeling dizzy, and he wants you to focus on his nose while he checks your pupils. Also, he would like a blood pressure and heart rate from you, which might be slightly elevated due to his close proximity…

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Anonymous asked: your post of jan 22 2013, when I was looking for 'fabulous Cap'; "Because the Cap is in fact really cute just after the wake up tones sound, and because you cannot convince me otherwise." i know, right?? especially as he is SO SLEEPY, he has to anchor the mike to HIS NOSE!! mmmmmmmmmmm!! shhh, cap. it's all just a dreeeeeam! I know, not really a question, just a comment!! luv cap sass, but a FABULOUS Cap, ahhhhhhhhh!

Sleepy Cap and Fabulous Cap you say? You know what I think we need right now? These three pictures:

This man has NO RIGHT to be so damn attractive GOSHDARN.

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Anonymous asked: Having a stressful weekend. New screencaps are much needed. Hope you're having a good weekend.

I am so sorry, anon! That was when I was having much trouble with the wifi and wasn’t able to post anything for you! D: But I will hopefully make it up to you before the night is through, ok?

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